Mr Gyrolo

Acrobatic and comic act of electric unicycle (so called wheel, gyroroue, monowheel, etc.)

Circus, special event management or cabaret


By and with: Damien Gaumet


Duration: 7mn 1 or 2 representations a day


This number is a summary of the show " the Stroller ", staging a man battling against a machine so fantastic as intriguing, a small marvel of the still underestimated modernity, a curious futuristic wheel...

We do not banter with the progress. The modernity, it is a fight of every day...

The wheel is 5500 years old and it continues to amaze us!

Technical information

All age act, written for circus, cabaret or special event management.


Duration: 7mn, one or two representations a day.


Number of people on tour: 1 person


Set up / Set downg: almost immediate (a chair to be installed and to be removed)

Preparation (warm-up / suit / make-up): 1 hour minimum


Minium play area:

 7mx7m - contact me if the space makes less of 70m2.

 Hard stage (wood or carpet of dance, tar, stone, marble, etc...) Impossible on the grass, the pavements, the sand and the soft grounds


Sound and light:

 Plan a sound system with sound manager. Plan a small time of rehearsal with the sound manager to prop up top one music.

 Light according to the place. To discuss.


To plan by the organizer

Changing room with water and catering in plenty, wearing, table and mirror